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SEO Case Studies

Our number one goal is our client’s success. With our quality of service, we aim to build rankings that will last through the months and years – and endure search engine updates.  See what we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients below.

#1 Keyword Rank, High Competition, High Domain Authority

The graph below shows a competitive keyword we were able to secure #1 ranking for an extended period of time for our client. The movement was fast after our strategy was executed. The website has a high domain authority, which made our efforts much quicker than if the website were brand new (or had a low domain authority). Website age and domain authority are one of the very many important factors when it comes to ranking for new keywords, especially keywords that have high volume and high competition. When we started, the keyword was in position #90, and increased over the month of July and August to position #1. Out of all of our clients, this has been the fastest turn-around time for a high value keyword, and something we are very proud to accomplish.

Broad Ranking Improvements

The spreadsheet below lists broad ranking improvements for a wide variety of high-value keywords and rankings for a large client. The company and website have been around for years, and thus the ranking improvements took place in rapid succession shortly after we implemented our on-page and off-page strategy. Not only were we able to push back keywords that had fallen off of the first page results, we were able to get them higher than they were before. 

This case study highlights the value of website care; it is important to ensure your website has good, high quality content and a good backlink campaign (“white hat”). Websites that have high Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Trust (DT) ratings typically do much better when it comes to the speed in which rankings change based on your SEO strategy.  

Steady Growth, Modest Campaign

The graph below highlights our record for improving a high-value keyword for a client that is in a very competitive niche. The campaign’s budget was modest in respect to the work involved, and required a consistent, month-to-month commitment in order to push their target keyword in to page 1 results. 

The rank push took about 6 months to gain real traction, with a few dips in the beginning. The website did not have a high domain authority (DA) or domain trust (DT) rating, which contributed to the roller coaster flow of the rankings. Competitors also played a role, as our client’s main competitors were Big 5 Sporting Goods, Cabellas, Bass Pro Shop, and Redington. In the end, we were able to beat some of their competitors, and the client’s rankings sat comfortably with little to no further investment after the rankings settled down.

This case study highlights the importance of sticking to a campaign, even if things don’t seem good at the beginning. Rises and falls are completely normal for a search campaign, but sudden and radical drops and complete loss of rankings are not normal, and being de-indexed could lead to a website losing all of its domain authority and trust. We build our campaigns using white-hat techniques. While they may be slower, the long-term benefit is there. We switched our budget in July after our rankings settled, and were able to build other rankings for our client – and this keyword remained in a good position. It wasn’t until mid-September that we needed to do a little update due to a Google algorithm change.

Top #1 Ranking Positions

We started the campaign at the end of January and was able to increase top 4 positions to 1st place for local organic rankings in a niche business.  We focused on building quality local backlinks by creating an information campaign to help spread advice on the client’s topic of expertise. This helped us build the client’s website in to a powerful authority on the keyword strategy, 

Top #1-3 Ranking Positions

We started the campaign at the end of December and was able to increase top 10 positions to rank within the top 3 place for a national client in a niche business.