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PPC Case Studies

It’s one thing to say we’re good at marketing. It’s another to prove that we’re capable of achieving the results we claim. Below are our case studies and insight in to successful campaigns.

ppc conversion success stories

More PPC Results

Below is a brief breakdown of various projects with Before and After performance metrics on ad campaigns. 

Client #1

The client came to us concerned about their campaign’s performance. We evaluated the campaign and offered a competitive price to take it over, and in just a few months more than doubled their previous agency’s performance.  

Client #2

The client started their own business and campaign, trying to get their feet wet with managing PPC. Referred to us, we took over their campaign, re-built it from scratch, created a new targeting profile, and the improvements were dramatic. 

Client #3

The client started their own campaign and managed it for a few months. Underwhelmed with the performance, they hired a competitor agency to work with. The agency did not perform well, and hired us to come in and take control of the campaign.

Client #4

The client complained about high cost per conversion, and the previous agency was unable to address it. With a few campaign revamps and targeting updates, we were able to decrease cost per conversion and increase conversion rates.

Client #5

The client was unhappy with the number of conversions and the total cost they were paying for each one. We were able to not only to increase their average conversions a month from a paltry 242 to an impressive 1,458, but also drastically lower the cost from $21.22 to $4.46 per conversion.

Client #6

The client was satisfied with the number of conversions, but not happy with the amount they were paying. We were able to adjust this by improving campaign targetting. This lowered the clicks, but the people who did click were more likely to convert, increasing conversion % and drastically lowing the average cost from $14.23 to $4.97 per conversion.

Client #7

The client hired a person to manage their PPC in-house, and was disappointed with the results. The cost per conversion fluctuated due to poor ad creation and targeting. We were able to fix the issues, and increase both conversion rate percentage and drastically lower cost per conversion.

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