Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid advertising is one of the most lucrative and cost-effective ways to promote a service, product, or event. With years of experience, we can build the right paid campaign for you.

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Drive High Conversions - Fast!

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable way to bring in targeted traffic to your website or landing page, pay per click is the perfect opportunity to deliver you great results at a faster rate than other marketing endeavors. We specialize in everything Google, and with our experience, we can build you a custom campaign that will learn and grow with your business.

Fully Managed PPC Campaigns

There is a subtle art to creating successful PPC campaigns. Not everyone can run a successful campaign, even though there are “do it yourself” services available. It’s one thing to just build a few keyword ad sets and place a budget, it’s another thing entirely to understand metric insights, user trends, location, and audience interests. 

Don’t get stuck managing your own campaign or outsourcing to agencies who run your campaigns using bots and scripts. This will cost you thousands of dollars in wasted expenses on ad spend and management fees that do nothing for you. All of our campaigns are managed in-house, with a real person.

Professional PPC Services

Our goal is to drive the right traffic that will lead to high conversions, with minimal cost. When a PPC campaign is succsessful, it has the power the double, triple, and even quadruple your business’ earnings.

Progress Tracking

We track your campaign's behaviors and trends that provide insights and yield opportunities. We provide progress reports to see opportunities for growth, and consult with you to optimize your campaigns.

In-Depth Research

Custom, in-depth research around your industry and competition. We provide keywords, cost per click, estimated volume, and build out custom strategies for your campaign to maximize your budget.

Tracking Your Campaigns

We track all leads, conversions, and/or sales your campaigns generate. All details are provided in a monthly report. We integrate your ads account with Google Analytics to make the most of your data.

Relevant Ad Placements

We provide various ad placements depending on strategy that will maximize your audience engagement and to drive the most relevant customers. This can include search, display, retargeting, social, and more

Precise Targeting

We can target your ads to the precise location and individuals that are relevant to your business. This can be done through location, audiences, keywords, machine learning, and more. This drives more leads and helps reduce wasteful spending on unneeded impressions.

Unlimited Opportunities

With the ever-growing Google toolkit, there are more opportunities to reach your customers than ever before. We will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest advertising technologies and placements.

PPC Pricing Packages

Our goal with our PPC Tiers is to help provide you with a variety of options on how you want to run your Google PPC Advertising. We like to work off of a Flat Fee structure. This is great for business owners who want to ensure they know how much they will be paying on a monthly basis. You can also feel confident that when you up your ad spend, our fee will not change.

If you decide to do SEO or utilize any of our other services, we will discount your monthly PPC Management cost to reflect our thanks to you. Additionally, if you have multiple locations or businesses and would like us to manage your PPC for each location, we will be glad to provide you with a discount on our standard fees for monthly management.

Basic Campaign

$ 500 00
*Starting Price + $250 Set Up Fee
Month to Month Retainer
Our basic package is ideal for startups and small businesses to generate leads. Perfect to get started with a simple campaign that works.
  • Unique, Customized Strategy
  • Custom Campaign Buildout
  • Custom Ad Groups
  • Minimum ad spend guidance based on industry
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • High Value Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Distilled Monthly Reports

Advanced Campaign

$ 1000 00
*Starting Price + $250 Set Up Fee
Month to Month Retainer
Our advanced package is ideal for a medium-sized business. Includes Search Campaigns, Display Ads, and Remarketing.
  • Unique, Customized Strategy
  • Custom Campaign Buildout
  • Custom Ad Groups
  • Minimum ad spend guidance based on industry
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • High Value Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Distilled Monthly Reports

Premium Campaign

$ 1500 00
*Starting Price + $250 Set Up Fee
Month to Month Retainer
Ideal for larger businesses or organization to utilize all of Google Ads, including Search, Display Ads, Remarketing, and Merchant Center.
  • Unique, Customized Strategy
  • Custom Campaign Buildout
  • Custom Ad Groups
  • Minimum ad spend guidance based on industry
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • High Value Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Distilled Monthly Reports

*Starting price indicates our lowest cost of entry for our packages. Campaign budgets may need to increase depending on a business’ niche, strategy, and competition. There is no one-size-fits-all PPC campaign. We treat all clients fairly with budget. Good work is not cheap. We are middle of the road with our pricing compared to local marketing agencies that offer similar or better services. 
** Depending on baseline CPC for your industry. We will discuss this with you.

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Client Testimonials

We strive to do our best when it comes to working with our clients on their projects. We want to remain faithful in the pursuit of good, quality marketing services with the honorable intent of improving their project’s bottom line.

Case Studies

It’s one thing to say we’re good at marketing. It’s another point entirely to prove that we’re capable of achieving the results we claim. Below are our case studies and insight in to just a few of our successful campaigns.

Client #1

The client came to us concerned about their campaign’s performance. We evaluated the campaign and offered a competitive price to take it over, and in just a few months more than doubled their previous agency’s performance.  

Client #2

The client started their own business and campaign, trying to get their feet wet with managing PPC. Referred to us, we took over their campaign, re-built it from scratch, created a new targeting profile, and the improvements were dramatic. 

Client #3

The client started their own campaign and managed it for a few months. Underwhelmed with the performance, they hired a competitor agency to work with. The agency did not perform well, and hired us to come in and take control of the campaign.

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Our Detailed Approach for PPC

We offer professional PPC services for clients of all sizes. With our experience, we’re able to deliver you incredible results for every dollar spent. There is a special art to setting up PPC campaigns and to make them run successfully. We break down part of our process below so you can compare to other companies before making a final decision.

Google PPC Research

This report will include a list of keywords that are derived from a combination of your currently ranked keywords, competitor keywords and also keywords that are commonly searched for in your industry. With this information, we will have a better understanding of volume, competitions, and the average cost per click for your keywords.

If you already have a Google Ads account with previous data. This would be helpful in understanding what has and has not worked previously. This allows us to have a head start with your campaigns.

Google PPC Set Up With Tracking

Merchant Center Setup

Campaign Management

Monthly Reports

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready, get in touch with us below. If you’re still not sure, check out our backlink strategy below to see how we build your website’s domain authority and reputation on the world wide web.

Google Paid Advertising Network

Google has two networks where they offer ad placements. One is typical Search, which is the most popular network, and the other is Dynamic Search, which is a new way Google tries to deliver your ads to potential customers.

Search Network

Google’s search network will take a keyword or phrase and conduct a search through its archives and list results. If you search for Camping Gear, you may get tents, sleeping bags, portable stoves, dehydrated food, and a bunch of other results in addition to camping gear because all of those results are relevant to that keyword. You will be featured ads at the top and bottom of the SERP (search engine result page), and this is where your ads will also show.

Dynamic Search

Dynamic search is a new way to reach customers using basic ad descriptions and a call to action. Google will use text from your website to create its own headlines.  After some time and learning, it will be able to help present an ad with a headlines that will resonate with the potential customer’s search query. For this type of campaign it helps to have your website optimized so Google can find the proper headlines within your content.

Dynamic Display Advertising

The other network is their display network which places an ad on various web pages and mobile devices. This is a more algorithmic ad placement, looking at people’s past searches and serving them a relevant ad on the websites they travel to. Some examples can be observed below.

Display Advertising

The other network is their display network which places an ad on various web pages and mobile devices. This is a more algorithmic ad placement, looking at people’s past searches and serving them a relevant ad on the websites they travel to. The picture below shows a display ad on The Huffington Post website. The ad is for WordPress.

Google Merchant Center

Merchant center can be integrated into your Google Ads strategy seamlessly. By setting up your product feed with all the necessary information, you can have individual items placed at the top of the search feed. This is an excellent way to get visibility and sale products. If you would like more information, please check out our page on Google Merchant Center.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing can be easily integrated into your AdWords campaigns as an extension. This would allow ads to be placed on Google Maps as seen below. If you do not have a Google My Business listing, we can help set one up for you.


Tracking is critical in helping your campaign learn and grow. This tells the algorithm to search out relevant users who will match the goals you are tracking. If you want completed sales, phone calls, or clicks, we can help you identify and then track the best goals for your campaign to pursue.

We implement tracking to your website or eCommerce platform to help you understand how your ad spend is performing. This can be basic tracking like contact forms and phone calls for driving leads, or tracking the return on investment/return on ad spend of a shopping campaign. We have contacts at Google who can assist us with custom implementations if your site requires it.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is critical when driving traffic from Google Ads. The quality of the landing page and how users interact with the website has a direct impact on your ad placement and cost per click.  If Google ads are driving people to a website, Google will watch how people interact with the website and how long they stay on the page to determine its relevance.

A landing page with high relevancy will allow ads to rank higher and they will have a substantially lower cost per click. A landing page that does not resonate well with the search, or the user flow is not optimized, will end up with a lower landing page relevancy and thus the ads will not serve well, rank well, and will cost much more. Google also looks at the keywords of your website when determining relevance.


Once everything is in place to start work, we will utilize a suite of our own tools and various Google tools to research your business, competitors, and keyword opportunities. This will be a comprehensive report that will include starting keywords in addition to an understanding of how competitive they are and how much we can expect to pay on a cost per click. In this report, we provide you with a recommended ad spend amount per day/month.

Campaign Management

As we manage your campaigns, we will make regular evaluations and optimizations. This includes evaluating and implementing Google’s recommendations if they are relevant to your business. We will be looking for new keywords and phrases, then rotating those in while eliminating keywords and phrases that are not driving us to our goals. We will be writing new ads and rotating them in while eliminating the ads that underperform. Additionally, we will be watching location, device, and demographic targeting so that we may put in or adjust bid modifiers to stay within budget, and target the largest areas we are most likely to convert traffic.

A/B Testing

We love data, and often to get a better understanding of a change to be made to your campaign, we will perform an experiment. This A/B test will help us determine if the change will be beneficial to your campaign. Once we have enough data to make a statistically significant decision,we will look at the information and decide whether or not to implement the changes.


Ad spend is what Google will charge directly to your credit card or bank account. This is your budget for spending on ad placements.This is separate from management fees. We will provide you with our recommendations for your ad spend to ensure your campaigns flourish and are successful. Too little ad spend and Google will struggle to serve and performance will very likely be poor.
Click Through Rate (CTR) is a term used to describe the action of someone being served an ad impression and clicking through to your website. This is one of the first things we look at when it comes to your ad performance. It tells us that the ads are relevant and interesting to the users seeing them.
Conversion Rate is when someone who licked on your ad, performs a conversion action. This is another one of the more important things to look at. It can tell us if our targeting, ad text, call to action and website resonate with the traffic the campaign is generating.

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