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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid advertising is one of the most lucrative and cost-effective ways to promote your service, product, or build brand awareness. Using years of experience and market know-how, our team builds the right campaign for you.

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Drive High Conversions - Fast!

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable way to bring in targeted traffic to your website or landing page, pay-per-click is the perfect opportunity to deliver great results at a faster rate than other marketing endeavors. Using our expertise in everything Google, we build you a custom PPC strategy that scales with your business and success.

  • Google has a 75% search market share.
  • 3.5 Billion daily searches on Google.
  • 71% of Google’s revenue comes from Google Ads.
  • 40-50% of all searches end in an ad click.
  • 45% of users do not know the difference between an ad vs. an organic result.

Fully Managed PPC Campaigns

Anyone can build a Google PPC campaign, but few understand the nuances of the platform. Let our Google Ads Certified PPC Managers turn it from a money-hungry beast to a lean and efficient conversion-generating machine.

While some companies build campaigns and then wave good-bye, Mass Division keeps a close eye on their performance, makes data-driven decisions to optimize them when needed, and ensures that they stay running at peak performance at all times. We are invested in your success and are dedicated to helping to increase your ROI.

Professional PPC Services

Mass Division’s goal is to drive the right traffic that will lead to high conversions with minimal cost. When a PPC campaign is successful, it has the power to substantially increase your ROI.

Progress Updates

We track your campaign’s behaviors over time and use the trends and insights to capitalize on conversion opportunities. All the while, we provide you with regular progress reports and share opportunities for growth and scalability.

In-Depth Research

Every business is different, and our approach honors that- no “one-size-fits-all” campaigns here.. We will provide you with a strategy that is specific to your business and goals with insights into competitors, keywords, volume, cost per click, and a plan of action to build your campaign and maximize your budget.

Tracking Campaigns

We track all leads, conversions, and sales your campaigns generate, delivered in a regular report, straight to your inbox. We ensure your ads account is correctly integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track and manage your data.

Relevant Ad Placements

We help you explore new areas of opportunity that you may not have considered to place ads where your customers are engaging on the internet. This can include search, display, social, retargeting, and more.

Precise Targeting

We target your ads to the areas you are interested in marketing in and are most relevant to your business. This drives qualified leads straight to you and reduces wasteful spending on unneeded clicks and impressions.

Unlimited Opportunities

With the ever-growing Google toolkit, there are more opportunities to reach your customers than ever before. We keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest advertising technologies and placements.

PPC Pricing

Local Campaigns

Perfect for startups and small businesses looking to get started with a professional, quality search campaign.

*Starting Price + $250 Set Up Fee

National Campaigns

Ideal for small to medium businesses looking to dramatically increase organic rankings and search traffic.

*Starting Price + $250 Set Up Fee

Google Merchant Center

Our premium link building service designed to increase your website’s authority and organic keyword rankings.

*Starting Price + $250 Set Up Fee
*Starting price indicates our lowest cost of entry for our packages. Campaign budgets may need to increase depending on a business’ niche and competition. There is no one-size-fits-all SEO campaign. We strive to be middle of the road with our pricing compared to local marketing agencies that offer similar services.

Case Studies

It’s one thing to say we’re good at marketing. It’s another to prove that we’re capable of achieving the results we claim. Below are our case studies and insight in to successful campaigns.

Client #1

The client came to us concerned about their campaign’s performance. We evaluated the campaign and offered a competitive price to take it over, and in just a few months more than doubled their previous agency’s performance.  

ppc case study results 1

Client #2

The client started their own business and campaign, trying to get their feet wet with managing PPC. Referred to us, we took over their campaign, re-built it from scratch, created a new targeting profile, and the improvements were dramatic.

ppc case study results 2

Client #3

The client started their own campaign and managed it for a few months. Underwhelmed with the performance, they hired a competitor agency to work with. The agency did not perform well, and hired us to come in and take control of the campaign.

ppc case study results 3

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Our Detailed Approach for PPC

Whether you’re a local, small business or a medium-sized business with multiple brick-and-mortar locations, our list of SEO services can help you get the traffic you deserve and build your website’s authority for the years to come.

In-Depth Research

We start every campaign with in-depth research. We look at the competitive landscape. We evaluate keywords, cost per click, and volume. If you have past data from previously run PPC campaigns, we will look at that data to see what has worked and has not, to tie that into our findings. We will then build out a keyword list, broken down by how we will formulate our campaigns and ad-group structure for your review.

Every campaign starts with in-depth, competitive research. We examine and evaluate keywords, cost-per-click, and volume to see what is working for you and where opportunities for growth and conversion exist. We use all the data we can- we love looking at past data you have from previous PPC campaigns to inform our action plan. From this meticulous analysis, we generate a campaign and ad group structure, based on a strong foundation of data-backed, high conversion keywords.


Need these tools set up? No problem. Our setup package covers the launch of Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Webmaster. We also launch Google Merchant Center for e-commerce clients. Our attention to detail guarantees the correct setup and integration. We want your campaign to do the work for you!


With your specific goals in mind, we formulate a custom plan to track and achieve conversion gold. We use an arsenal of tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads to track every single lead, sale, and conversion, and use the data from our findings to evolve your campaign.

PPC Campaigns

SEO and PPC go hand in hand. We understand that PPC campaigns require a multifaceted strategy, so we optimize your website to rank organically for keywords. This organic ranking leads to a higher quality score on your campaign, which leads to less pay per click spend for you, which means more traffic at a lower cost. It’s a win-win.

Another aspect of the multifaceted approach that Mass Division takes is “funnel vision”. Different leads search and interact with the internet in different ways, and we want to be there to capture qualified leads. We fine-tune Google’s tools to reach potential leads through avenues like Search, Video, and Display. While powerful tools are underutilized by most basic campaigns, Mass Division keeps the whole funnel in mind to pull out all the stops when formulating your PPC strategy.


Search marketing is one of our most powerful high intention marketing strategies. We place ads right in front of people who are actively searching for your solution. These placements show over and below the organic listings on the search engine results pages. We use keywords that are relevant to your products, services, or business to match with search queries and then present ads that direct users to your landing pages.


Humans are visual creatures. We capitalize on this for your business by placing your ads in front of people in engaging ways that prompt them to interact with your business. Graphics and visuals are one of the most powerful ways to reach and retain customers. If you are interested in display advertising but lack the resources to create your advertising assets, we have the tools for you.


YouTube is quickly becoming a marketing goldmine. What was once a great place to watch cat videos has now evolved into a custom search engine, and a perfect platform to present your business to qualified leads.

We utilize the YouTube dashboard to analyze and tailor the viewer inventory to the demographics you want to reach. The ability to target specific audiences through YouTube makes it a powerful remarketing opportunity that many businesses lack the know-how to capitalize upon. Move over, cat videos- our YouTube video campaign puts you in the limelight.


Retargeting focuses on moving potential customers down the sales funnel. While many businesses overlook the opportunities that retargeting presents, Mass Division uses it as part of the foundation of the strategy session.

Using Google data, we build targeted lists based on user behaviors and then use these lists to formulate our retargeting campaign. This campaign utilizes custom-tailored graphics that are strategically placed on various Google-owned properties and relies on incredibly precise targeting lists that we generate from your website’s traffic. That means that your business shows up on websites, apps, YouTubes, and more.

Google gives us the ability to show ads to qualified leads across hundreds of thousands of Websites, Apps, Youtube videos, and Gmail. A potential lead who is familiar with your products, site, and brand is more likely to convert. While every business wants this type of visibility, Mass Division has the know-how and experience to run successful PPC campaigns. A customer who is familiar with your products, site, and brand is more likely to convert.

Utilizing the data from your website traffic, we build audiences based on user behaviors and target them with display ads. Additionally, we can bring potential leads back who have abandoned their shopping carts, or who may have browsed your website but didn’t complete a  conversion action. 

Did you know that you’re 60-70% likely to sell to an existing customer? We use data-driven retargeting to show deals and new purchase offers to past customers. And it doesn’t stop there- we can capture new leads who match the buying habits and interests of existing customers. . At Mass Division, we’ve mastered the underutilized targeting opportunities with Google’s remarketing and retargeting platform so you can reap the rewards. 

Campaign Management

Our campaign management and meticulous tracking ensures that your campaigns and account are properly set up and aligned with your business goals,

We start our campaign by gathering research before your launch. Then, we do an intensive research analysis that gives us the information we need to make data-driven, statistically significant action plans.

We use the information from our research analysis to formulate new ads that improve your clickthrough rate and quality score. We comb through search terms to decide what keywords are working best for you, and how to capitalize on them through ad groups or campaigns. By keeping an eye on demographics and scheduling, we make sure that your message is meeting the right people at the right time. Over time, we are able to run A/B split tests to decide the most efficient and user-favored ways to optimize.

What sets Mass Division apart is our growth mindset. We are constantly looking for areas to define, optimize, expand, and improve your campaign. Unlike a bot, we actually care about your success. We want to share our insights with you, and help you make ad-spend investment decisions that will allow your business to flourish.

Monthly Reports

Our investment in you shows in everything you do. No automated, incomprehensible reports here- our handwritten report gives you all the data and an explanation that includes metrics and insights that can help you understand our efforts through the month and how those efforts affect your business. We make sure that what your campaign and investment is doing is our priority. We love watching campaigns grow, and we want you to revel in the excitement with us! The bottom line? When you succeed, we succeed. Let’s grow together.

Brand Awareness

PPC is an excellent way to build awareness for your business. Qualified leads may not know you exist. PPC campaigns present your ads, links, and products as a solution to their search. This top of funnel experience is the catalyst for converting qualified leads into a loyal customer base.

Reaching High Intention Traffic

Google can drive more than just clicks and impressions. When tuned properly, it can serve your ads to individuals who are already ready to convert. There are many steps along the path of optimization, but it takes data and expertise to ensure that all the pieces are in place and that your campaign is set up for success from the very beginning. That is where Mass Division comes in.

We use our detail-oriented, meticulous process to set up your campaign in a way that ensures that you get the most out of the early days of your campaign. We analyze the data to maximize opportunities that align with your business’s goals and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Be ready to sit back and watch your business grow!

E-Commerce Opportunities

The Google Merchant Center is one of the largest marketplaces on the internet. If you are selling products, you need to make sure they are showing up in relevant searches. We use our with running successful E-Commerce PPC Campaigns to make sure you are getting the best ROAS. While some companies view this as a chance to plug and chug, we view this as a team effort- your success is our success

Client Testimonials & Awards

We strive at Mass Division to do our best when it comes to working with our clients on their projects. We want to remain faithful in the pursuit of good, quality marketing services with the honorable intent of improving their project’s bottom line.