Web Design Case Studies

We take pride in the work we do for all of our clients. We build our websites with their vision in mind, crafting beautiful interfaces that match their brand and tell their story. 

Hockey Unlimited

Hockey Unlimited is a non-profit startup in Denver, Colorado. Hockey Unlimited creates opportunities for underprivileged and low income youth to learn valuable life lessons through Hockey.

"MassDivision was and continues to be instrumental in supporting, creating and propelling Hockey Unlimited to reach and surpass our goals. Thank you for your insight, knowledge and guidance."
Steven B.
Founder, Hocket Unlimited

Lynx CBD

This was our own store to break in to the competitive world of CBD. Custom logo, brand guide, labels, and design all featured to build a marketplace to sell some of the highest quality, and top-reviewed CBD products.

Las Vegas Puppies

Our fun client has a beautiful pet store filled with lovable puppies for adoption from reputable breeders. We worked to build a vibrant website to showcase all of his puppies available for adoption.

"We have worked with many agencies and designers, and no one came close to the professional skills that Mass Division has. They have been a huge part to our business. Couldn't be happier."
David S.
Owner, Las Vegas Puppies


Beautiful app for barbers and clients to connect in local areas. We built the website to showcase and highlight all the features of this wonderful web and mobile app. 

"It was such a pleasure working with Mason and his team. He knows so much and is very committed to understanding your needs and providing the proper solutions."
Sunny K.
Owner, Ofroe Inc.

Guided Wealth Portfolio Platform

We worked on a single-page website to act as a sales funnel for individuals looking to invest in a Guided Wealth Portfolio package plan from our client in Denver, Colorado.

"Very happy with the work we've received from Mass Division. This was our third project with the team."
Bernie T.
Founder, Triad Tax

TSD Global

Landing page for a call center to help funnel leads from multiple marketing and advertising channels. Features a custom made video with list of big name clients, custom graphics, and industry leading metrics.

"We like what Mason was able to put together in a very fast timeframe, and was able to build in to our current system."
Nick T.
Marketing Coordinator, TSD Global .inc

Envy Wellness Clinic

Health clinic for skin rejuvenation for both men and women. Including hormone therapy and a variety of other medical services. 

"This is my first website for my startup clinic and I am so happy to have been referred to Mason and Mass Division. Thank you so much!"
Ashley W.
Founder, Envy Wellness Clinic

Harvest Creative

Landing page for Harvest Creative’s case studies for their brand stories they’ve created for their impressive list of high-name clients and projects. 

“Absolutely phenomenal job by Mason and his team. Not only did they exceed our expectations in terms of the quality of work and the final deliverable, but they were more communicative than any agency could ever be expected to be. Mason is the perfect blend of strategic and creative, he is enjoyable to work with, and he truly goes above and beyond to make sure the work gets done right.”
Jason M.
Strategy & Growth Lead, Harvest Creative

Utility Boss (Formerly Newtisa)

Newtisa is a platform for agents to help their clients connect their home services in an easy, fast, and fluid environment.

"Mason worked with me to update my site and has helped me with getting more traffic and leads through PPC. Thank you, Mason!"
Tyler M.
Founder, Newtisa

Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic

Landing page built to promote skin care services for laser treatment programs. We created a landing page and funnel PPC and SEO traffic for local services in Denver, Colorado.

"I love what Mason and his team has done for my business! Not only do they help me with all my website needs but they help me with marketing to local customers. I have grown my practice because of their work!"
Valerie S.
Owner, Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic

Puppy Adoptions

We built another website for our client to help him promote puppy adoptions and pet store items for local residents in California. We run SEO and PPC campaigns for the store as well for local traffic.

"Mason has helped us grow in a very local and competitive market by building a great website and doing SEO and PPC for us. We got over 20,000 leads in our niche in one year, which was 4x what we received last year."
David S.
Founder, Puppy Adoptions

Advertise Strong

WordPress website designed to help target trainers and individuals who want to work and help those in the special needs community.

"Mason immediately earned my trust when we had an initial phone call and I could tell he actually cared about the mission of our company. Not only did he exceed all of my expectations with building websites, but he provided invaluable ongoing support when I needed design changes made."
Daniel S.
Owner, Advertise Strong

Vitamin B12 Injections

Landing page built for our pharmaceutical and weight loss client, selling Vitamin B12 injections for weight loss and those who need a more direct method without taking oral pills. Landing page integrates with WooCommerce. Required a .pharmacy domain in order to be compliant with pharmacetuical laws.

"Mason builds a lot of our landing pages, and they all have high conversion rates and low bounce rates."
Corey C.
Founder, Wellness Mgmt Group LLC

Flexible Dieting

Full website re-design for Flexible Dieting, built in WordPress and WooCommerce. Users can sign up and use a macro calculator to figure out their macros online.

"Our old website was clunky and falling apart, Mason and his team came in and optimized everything and included a much needed top header which helped with more leads!"
Tyler M.
Co-Founder, Flexible Dieting

Macro Diet Coaching

Landing page created for Flexible Dieting for those looking to have macro diet coaching services by professional nutritionists. The landing page was created from scratch and funnels users through a sign up process.

"Our first job with Mason and we really liked what he did to build our landing page."
Tyler M.
Co-Owner, Flexible Dieting

Japanese Swords 4 Samurai

Cool e-commerce website built using WordPress and WooCommerce to sell impressive replicas and real samurai swords from all across the globe.

"Mason built us a great website when we did a company-wide marketing update. Our sales have increased and rankings in SEO improved."
Michaek K.
Owner, Japanese Swords 4 Samurai

Hill's Discount Flies

Website for our local friend in Colorado who provides high quality fly fishing flies for outfitters across the state and beyond. Built using WordPress and WooCommerce. 

New Design Coming Soon

"Mason designed a beautiful website and helped me get top rankings for competitive fly fishing keywords. Thank you, Mason!"
Brandon H.
Owner, Hill's Discount Flies

NAMS Certification

Single-page website designed to generate leads for individuals looking to become a certified nutrition consultant. 

"We love the design and how easy it is to update. Thank you for a job well done Mason!"
Tyler M.
Co-Founder, NAMS Certification

Liz Money Maker

Attorney website built for the wonderful Liz Money Maker, located in St. Pete Florida. Website features all services with contact forms and phone numbers for their locations.

"We had a website redesign and had so many wonderful compliments! It was way better than what we had before. We couldn't be happier!"
Liz M.
Attorney, Liz Money Maker

Buy B12 Online

Website for our pharmaceutical client to sell vitamin b12 and other injections online. Built in WordPress and WooCommerce. Features a highly secured database and large medical history forms, hosted on a HIPAA compliant server.

"Mason helps us with all of our web marketing and has built a HIPAA compliant website with all the required security and backup features."
Corey C.
Owner, Wellness Mgmt Group LLC

Unlocked With Stein

Landing page built for Daniel Stein who helps people in special needs, personal training and therapeutics to combine their passion by finding a niche they love. 

"Mason and his team went above and beyond to build me landing page websites. They have a true gift for creativity and user interface design. The communication was excellent throughout the project and they delivered on all of their promises."
Daniel S.
Owner, Unlocked with Stein

Got Phentermine

Landing page built to promote a sale for phentermine with one of our pharmaceutical clients. Website features a video, sale countdown, and an easy checkout method using WooCommerce.

"I have been working with Mason more than 6 years, and he has helped us grow and expand our services. Courteous and professional, and knows his work and has incredible skill."
Corey C.
Owner, Wellness Mgmt Group LLC

Green Time Wellness

Our CBD Client in Louisiana opened a store filled with a touching story between her and her father. We worked with the client to build their brand, website, and product labels.

"We would be lost without Mason and his team. Such a pleasure to work with and really helped us in this crazy world of marketing for CBD."
Tara E.
Owner, Green Time Wellness

Wuju Hot Sauce

This delicious hot sauce was home-made from our talented client, and sparked a huge rush on the social network, Reddit. The e-commerce site was built in WordPress and WooCommerce. Custom layout to match the beautiful brand design.

New URL Coming Soon

"Mason and his team did a great job building my website and helping me get started with my small business. Couldn't have done it without him!"
Lawrence W.
Owner, Wuju Hot Sauce

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